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Cos I love You - 2nd Version of Mouse Love Rice


Cos I love You Lyric

I was walking down the street
Didnt know who I would meet
But you were there
I couldnt understand
You were looking straight at me
Did you think I couldnt see
That was yesterday and you’re all I thought of since
Why did I just look away
Like I’d nothing more to say
I’ve been waiting for this day
And never thought you’d come my way
Here alone all by myself
Had no thoughts of someone else
But the moment that I saw you I just knew
I would love you
I believe, you and me
We were always meant to see
That the day you walked into my life was the start of everything
Could it be,
You and me
One for all eternity
Looking back it seems so clear
Nothing could change
Cos I love you
Cos I love you baby
And I knew from the moment that I saw you
I will always love you
[Verse 2]
Going crazy in my mind
Need to find you one more time
Then I can see

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