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Prepare yourself to have your cooking skills challenged and to feel your mouth water while you're preparing a really tasty meat dish: moussaka. Don't worry if you've never cooked before or if you you haven't had the time to go ingredients shopping. The moussaka cooking game will reveal to you all the most hidden secrets behind this amazing recipe, so get it started and step into this lovely online kitchen!

The first and by far the most important step of this cooking show is that of making the meat filling. You have all the ingredients that you need already nicely displayed for you on the kitchen table, so make sure you read the indications there, on top of the screen and pick them in the right sequence. Turn on the oven and get ready to show off your skills as a cook playing one of the most engaging free online cooking games. First of all, pour just a little bit of olive oil into the frying pan, then one by one, empty the bowls your have there. Take the onion filled bowl, the lamb meat, the garlic filled one, then add some tomato paste and tomato puree and keep mixing all the ingredients you have there in the indicated sequence. From time to time, make sure you don't forget to use the wooden spoon to stir the filling meat filling playing this fun cooking game. Bravo, you're a truly talented chef, did you know that? Now, get to the next level of the moussaka cooking game and get ready for seasoning and baking the aubergine.

Get your cooking skills sharpened playing the moussaka cooking game, then learn some more great recipes playing other great cooking games on our website!
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